1) Poverty

We focus on eliminating poverty by empowering rural and indigenous people via the creation of jobs that revolve around regenerative agriculture, focused on reforestation and the production of renewables. Our aim is to empower rural and indigenous peoples to be self-sustainable, producing over 800 non-toxic renewable consumer products based on the 4-Returns Scientific Approach, by empowering rural and indigenous peoples to be self-sustainable in efforts to eliminate poverty.

2) Zero hunger

Through our efforts to restore destroyed terrain / rainforest, we secure rain clouds that in turn secure food cultivation. We improve conditions and maximize earths potential by way of intercropping food and renewable energy crops, this way improving food cultivation yields anywhere from 15% to 30% by way of natural fertilizer derived from the castor tree foliage. If we restore just 20% of the world’s non-arable destroyed terrain using our proprietary high yielding drought resistant Castor strains and proven business model, we would essentially eliminate world hunger and secure food for an additional 3 Billion people whilst eliminating fossil fuels entirely, reversing climate change & global warming.

3) Good Health & Wellbeing

By securing food supply and creating socio-economic growth we ensure good health and wellbeing for our rural and indigenous communities. The wellbeing of our people and the security of our populations derived from industry created by regenerative agriculture focuses on social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, road construction and socioeconomic benefits, this secures our peoples wellbeing and promotes good health.

4) Quality Education

By focusing on socioeconomics and the construction of schools, a university with a technical training center, we pave the way for a new generation of literate and trained individuals that will contribute to their societies. We too will have created jobs for the youth via industry based on regenerative agriculture, by integrating technology and internet we will afford our communities access to a first world education.

5) Gender Equality

We do not discriminate, we empower both woman and men by way of job creation and industry derived from regenerative agriculture. We promote gender equality and are conscious to empower woman in as many ways possible. All men and woman are treated with equal respect and their participation is equally valued. 

6) Clean Water & Sanitation

We promote water generation via cloud retention from tree planting, the water is then absorbed from the source, usually at the base of a mountain or a stream, this is then transported to the main house via an aqueduct tube system. The water is fresh non- filtered, mineral enriched, therefor in efforts to ensure the reduction of contamination via the use of toxic fossil fuel soaps, shampoos and detergents that then spill and run off into the streams, rivers and water system we aim to produce our own non-toxic biodegradable sanitation soaps, shampoos and detergents made from our castor oil derived from our landscape restoration that do not on runoff contaminate the drinking water system or ecology effecting the community and biodiversity’s health.

7) Access to Affordable Clean Energy

We pride ourselves on being the only tree planting landscape restoration project that offer each family who participate free clean renewable electricity that they themselves produce via landscape restoration made from non-toxic bio-combustibles derived from castor cultivation. For families living in our indigenous communities who do not participate in cultivation, we offer access to affordable clean energy for only $1.00 per week cost per family based on minimum usage, that is $4.00 per month per household, in efforts to show the world that it is possible to introduce clean renewable energy to the masses by reducing or eliminating fossil energy dependency and become an auto sustainable ecological society if one eliminates obstacle’s and corporate influence assuming the responsibility for social and biodiversity justice. If we restore just 20% of the world’s non-arable destroyed terrain using our proprietary high yielding drought resistant Castor strains and proven business model, we would essentially eliminate fossil fuels including fossil energy consumption entirely (Green Oil = Renewables)

8) Decent Wages & Economic Growth

We pride ourselves as been able to produce renewable energy at half the cost of fossil fuel whilst at the same time we pay our farmers double than that of any other Castor farmer in the world, three times greater earning average than any other crop cultivation based on world average. We too promote economic growth by way of not only providing job creation from regenerative agriculture and industry, we too cultivate our renewable clean energy together with other food crops on the same land. Thus maximizing our planets potential whilst regenerating the planet and destroyed rainforests, we at the same time maximize rural and indigenous people’s potential by doubling or tripling their earnings via creating an additional source of income via the production of renewables.

9) Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

We are innovative in our approach where we create jobs from regenerative agriculture together with renewable energy and food production based on the 4 Returns Scientific Approach. We promote industry based on reforestation that focuses on the production of consumable products all renewable and biodegradable. By doing so we focus on socioeconomic infrastructures such as road systems, education and training, we aim to provide our indigenous populations sustainable infrastructure to become self-sustainable and all based on reforestation and the preservation and protection of our natural resources. (Sustainable Crypto Whitepaper )

10) Reducing Inequality

By way of empowerment, we focus on the reduction of inequality, the only way we can repair our planet it to work together with our rural and indigenous populations to educate and empower via inclusion and the sharing of knowledge and resources. Empowerment and teaching people to become self-sustainable is the key to integration and equality. We pride ourselves as we are the only reforestation project that not only plant trees we create empowerment that breeds autonomy.

11) Sustainable Cities & Communities

We build sustainable cities and communities based on the 4 Returns Scientific Approach based on three zones. 1)A Natural Zone where biodiversity is restored and maintained, 2) A Combined Zone rehabilitated with farmers working the land, 3) An Economic Zone for sustainable business activity. This way we ensure our communities are self-sustainable via landscape restoration that leads to Job creation, Social Building, Education & Security.   

12) Responsible Consumption & Production

We lead the way in responsible consumption, our people being minimalists live off the land, they produce all they consume and at the same time produce for others who cannot, all in sustainable ways. We produce via responsible measures that restore and preserve our natural habitat. We encourage responsible consumption and hence aim to provide and produce renewable consumable products, all biodegradable via regenerative agriculture. Our aim is to use man’s consumption that has led to the destruction of our planet by turning it around via regenerative agriculture to restore our planet. The more products you consume derived and based on reforestation and landscape restoration, the more we repair the damage that previous generations have caused the quicker we will combat global warming and climate change.

13) Climate Action

We are avid climate action campaigners and actionists who practice what we preach and lead by example. We lead the way in regenerative agriculture that is solely based on Climate Action and what can be done immediately that is practical and logical in which the whole world can get behind through collective participation. We pave the way to a sustainable future by way of reducing wood consumption that is a major contributing factor behind deforestation. We provide clean renewable modern energy to rural and indigenous communities. 100 million families worldwide burn wood daily to heat and cook. We are the only reforestation project that tackles this by way of offering an alternative solution, solar is too expensive and relies on batteries that cause mass mining and destruction and the depletion of natural resources. Our Initiatives Combat Global Warming by reducing the destruction of our rainforests, capturing carbon monoxide, offering alternative energy solutions that reduce carbon emissions by 83%, restoring landscapes via afforestation bringing global temperatures down and cooling our planet.

14) Life Below Water

We focus on life below water by way of retaining and preventing soil erosion, runoff and flooding. We too protect the biodiversity and natural habitat of aquatic creatures and fish that are part of our precious and invaluable biodiversity that without our help are threatened with extinction. We too focus on replacing fossil plastic that pollutes our rivers and oceans with biodegradable plastic that disintegrates and becomes fertilizer or fish food, made from Castor Oil, all via regenerative agriculture and reforestation.

Video 1 cattle being swept into the river along with landslides and floods

Video #2 Plastic pollution Jesse & family by the sea

15) Life On Land

We concentrate on the preservation and protection of all life on land, all species are deemed precious and invaluable. We indigenous people who are entrusted with the protection of all living creatures respect the natural world and are deemed custodians and hence we fight for the living right of every creature who depends on nature and harmony to exist. We respect all life and hence all our efforts are constructed around the wellbeing, preservation and conservation of living being’s that inhabit our planet, putting mother earth first.

VIDEO OF Jesse insects, deforestation + energy campaign 2 min 25 sec

16) Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

We strive for peace & justice and believe that strong institutions are key. We operate in many conflict zones or ex-conflict regions, here many injustices occurred, people are generally skeptical and not partial to outsiders. We have earned a reputation to be neutral but yet defenders of the weak and silent, here we stand up to injustices not matter what the enemy or the threat. We work with local governing bodies who represent the people on the ground, our institutions are indigenous populations who govern themselves under self-autonomy by the United Nations (e.g. APDECOMEMBO- Bosawas Biosphere). We bring food, income, education, equality amongst many other benefits besides concentrating on mother earth and biodiversity. Here through regenerative agriculture and regenerative industry we bind the fabric that will enable and pave the way to true harmony allowing for peace and justice via equality, bound by strong moral institutions made by the people, for the people with socioeconomic security, having biodiversity and climate change as the focus. PEACE, JUSTICE TO ALL MANKIND AND ALL CREATURES ALIKE

17) Partnerships for The Goals

We believe in partnerships; our organization is based on partnerships. We partner up with our communities, individuals and their independent governing bodies, we too have partnered up with Plant-For-The-Planet.org  https://www1.plant-for-the-planet.org  , plus Commonland and 4 Returns.earth https://4returns.earth/landscapes/growing-bioenergy-to-restore-the-bosawas/ & www.Carbexx.com . We aim to make change happen NOW in our lifetime, we champion tomorrow and welcome all to participate. (Sustainable Crypto & NFT )

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