Carbon Sequestration

The world is in CRISIS, we are facing a “Holocene”, if our earth’s temperature increases a further 2 degrees as a result of human activity we face the sixth mass extinction or Anthropocene.

We at together with your help can prevent this catastrophe from transpiring, only if we work together now with the utmost urgency.

All of mankind and biodiversity depend on your actions now, if we do not ACT NOW the world as we know it will cease to exist.

We are headed for an ecological breakdown; animals represent only 4%, mankind’s population has exploded and tripled in the last 90-years. Our consumption has destroyed our planet, we need to put all our resources into finding ways to reverse climate crisis and restore our planet by way of carbon sequestration and the best way to do so is by planting trees.

When you support our Carbon Sequestration Program either to eliminate your personal or organizations “carbon footprint” or purely for “investment purposes”, you not only help put the brakes on global warming, you empower 3rd world impoverished communities to protect biodiversity

You by way of inclusion change the current socio-economic structure of our world as we know it and pave the way for an inclusive sustainable tomorrow. 



This is a new and important topic, especially in Crypto Currency right now with the recent launch of Toucan, Moss and other 3rd party traders who buy suspicious or expired carbon credits from questionable sources.

We, together with the publics support in our first pool offering will be using the funds raised to get our SD17 Blue Coin on the International Carbon Registry so we may facilitate the incorporation and interaction of all our indigenous and rural impoverished families so they may access funding the same as a farmer in the USA or Europe.

Having done so we will be the first and only Carbon Credit Coin that truly bypasses any and all corrupt governments or institutions and puts money directly into the hands of those families who own large portions of land, either deforested or still intact jungle.

By doing so we aim to incentivize our people to leave the jungle intact and not cut down trees, for rather by way of inclusion, we can persuade these families to abstain from further land degradation for personal financial benefit, for a healthy intact hectare of virgin jungle will sequestrate 42 tons’ carbon per year, at least double that of cultivated crop land´.

For deforested destroyed land, families are incentivized to replant and repair those terrains, not only will they make money from Carbon Sequestration but will also be able to derive incomes from regenerative agriculture such as coffee or cacao or renewables and energy. 

When you buy /mine / invest in a tree, for every hectare of recuperated land we issue 21 BLUE CARBON COINS each year.

Our I.P. allows us to capture at least 21 Tones CO2 per hectare per year on our restored terrains, thus we are currently sitting on over 21 MILLION Tones CO2 CARBON CREDIT PER YEAR derived from Nature Based Offset, currently valued at around $8 on the open market based on recuperating destroyed, dilapidated terrain.

This current pricing of $8 Nature Based Offset (Voluntary Carbon Market) is after the crypto industry took a huge fall and loss in confidence thanks to the crash of LUNA and many others this past May 2022, all of whom were based on abstract public perception and confidence but without any ties to a physical substantial commodity to back it up.

Pertaining only to the 1 MILLION HECTARES that we currently have available for reconstruction based on the destroyed terrain we aim to reconstruct, our organization is sitting on around $168 Million USD of annual Carbon Credit.

Apart from the 1 MILLION HECTARES that we aim to restore in our Mesoamerican Biological Corridor between our 4 Indigenous Reserves (Bosawas, Patuca, Tawahaka & Rio Platano), we too have an additional 2 MILLION HECTARES of virgin intact jungle that we aim to protect together with the biodiversity that depend on it.

Potentially we have available a further 84 Million tons’ carbon sequestration per year, that currently is valued around 672 Million USD per year.

By supporting our SD17 Coins you empower our people and will facilitate access to the potential $672 Million USD per year and predicted to increase as the market recuperates.

*VERY IMPORTANT* This amount of funding and support will go directly to our people, hence together we will elevate our people out of poverty and allow for the rehabilitation and protection of biodiversity.

Our organization will facilitate the maintenance of the cooperative of land owning families, together with registration on the international carbon registry and allocation of funds.

“The best way to stop and halt deforestation and protect biodiversity is to empower the people who own that land by way of inclusion and financial incentives”.

By supporting REDD or dubious government institutions moneys rarely get into the hands of the people who own and are entrusted in the preservation of that land. Many countries steal from the poor by way of communal property laws conning the EU, others and public.

By supporting our SD17 Coins you pave the way to a sustainable future, alleviating poverty, protecting biodiversity and most of all securing our children a healthy prosperous sustainable future.

Our SD17 Blue Carbon Coins will increase substantially over the future as Carbon Capturing / Credit is a rare commodity and there simply is not enough to go around.

We are offering our first pool of SD17 BLUE Carbon Credit currently at only $2.00c Per Ton CO2, well below current market value.

There will be only a limited amount of coins issued in our first pool offering as we only require enough funding to facilitate the 3rd party carbon verification process and get our coins listed on the international open trading market.

For those lucky enough to buy into our first pool, once our SD17 Blue Coin is registered stand to make an immediate 300% return on investment, should they hold onto the coins as they are expected to increase over the years and by 2030 are estimated to increase by up to 3000%.

The voluntary Carbon Credit market is on track to surpass $50 Billion in the next eight years or less according to a report from Ecosystem Marketplace.

In essence it is like buying Carbon Futures, you buy now, you secure a miners’ discount/wholesale price when mined / plant your own trees.

USAD evaluation standards of 8.5 tons’ carbon capture per acre of land (20.9 Tons Per Hectare) with food crops of no more than ten inches.

This too is based only on one cycle of only a few months of the year, we on the other hand have our crops all year round capturing carbon and turning it into oxygen.

Although we capture way more carbon than the standard squared piece of land as our trees root systems penetrate much deeper than ten inches. In actual fact our Castor Root System extends up to and over 45ft or at least our coffee Tree root systems grow over 2ft.

Either way we at minimum capture the minimum standard via cultivating our corn and beans. A farmer in Nebraska who cultivates his corn captures the same amount of carbon as one of our corn farmers just a few thousand miles further south in Central America or a corn farmer in Australia, corn is corn wherever you cultivate it.

Carbon Credit is a rare commodity and is forecast to become even scarcer, there is simply not enough to go around and every year this commodity becomes rarer and rarer.

In essence when buying carbon credits you are buying oxygen as through the process of photosynthesis by capturing carbon we intern make oxygen as seen in the diagram below.

We have chosen not to associate with many questionable Carbon Capturing Schemes that many of the public have lost confidence in.

We are working with CDM (and SCS Global to if necessary obtain VERRA), however we may prefer to work with CDM and or other organizations (e.g. Social Carbon) to get 3rd party verification and list on the international registry that will give us credibility and gain the public’s confidence.

We have chosen to stay independent as is within our rights, as per legally we are by law allowed to independently sell and trade our generated nature based carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market.

Our project as a whole was 3rd party independently inspected and verified in September 2021 by Plant-For-The-planet, a German Company who although DO NOT represent in any way or form a verified carbon verifier, has however verified our projects legitimacy and met with and inspected our rural communities whilst inspecting individual participating families/farms.

The 3rd Party Inspector met with the President of the Independent Governing Party recognized by the United Nations and confirmed their free will & consensual participation, together with verifying close to 800,000 trees that have so far been planted (all prior to launch August 2022).

As part of our Carbon Sequestration Initiative we are working with out of Germany, here companies can eliminate their Carbon Footprint by way of investing in tree planting and landscape restoration.

We have been approached by BIG Carbon Trading Companies wanting to buy our Carbon Credit, the problem is these companies whose business is trading, buying and selling carbon purely for profit are not selling you Carbon Futures or Carbon Credit, they sell you shares in their company that equate 1 share of their company to 1 carbon credit but they buy from either old or expired or questionable carbon credits that may have not been derived and generated ethically or by planting trees.

These trading companies or 3rd party players (not carbon credit manufacturers like us) use loop holes such as giving electric car manufactures or hydroelectric ten-year old carbon credits that were issued by governments or private companies for reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

In fact, most of these projects do not capture carbon or do anything to facilitate absorbing and eliminating carbon pollution. Ironically that battery and electric car, solar panel or dam construction created a carbon footprint and caused mass destruction via mining and hence is a contributor to pollution and is in no way carbon neutral.

These BIG companies try approach manufactures like us to buy our carbon credit at discount prices, say $3 then sell you 1 share in their company for $9 linking the 1 carbon share to 1 company share but you the public do not own the carbon you own a piece of that company.

Here you not only own the carbon, you mine the carbon, you are a producer, owner and player in the carbon credits market, when you buy 1-ton carbon credit this is what we sell you and 1-ton carbon credit is what you get.

In essence it is like buying Carbon Futures, you buy now, you secure a miners’ discount/wholesale price when mined / plant your own trees.

All SD17 Coin transactions traded on our platform are Carbon Neutral Free as we only sell carbon credits that are voluntarily created by you to eliminate your trading and consumptions carbon footprint.

Each SD17 Token/Coin is Fully Traceable so that the investor can know all relative details pertaining to their investment, plus enable the investor to in real time view via satellite the state / condition of their investment/s.

If you are a USA company or for USA individuals, you can open a Donor Advised Fund “DAF” with us and all returns on your investment are tax exempt. You will only pay tax on the amount invested, this amount can be held in trust for up to five or ten-years.

Our coins are limited and can only be issued/printed based on 100% due diligence that requires each individual farm or parcel of land to be verified by the legal title owner. After which each piece of land will be GPS marked, following each entry our system will determine exactly how many Trees can be planted according to our standard proven cultivation configuration based on each hectare squared (100 meters by 100 meters).

We work in four Indigenous Reserves (Bosawas, Tawahaka, Patuca & Rio-Platano).

We work directly with thousands of individual families.

We first verify that they are the legal owners to the land, we then enter into a 10-year renewable contract.

We only work on repairing destroyed land/terrain, we never cut down any trees, we work around the environment and ecosystem.

We GPS mark all terrain and are able to view via satellite 24/7/365 the progress of our initiatives.

We too have Directors; Managers & Supervisors do regular inspections.

We photograph all terrain, before, during and after to document our work/achievements.

We guarantee to never sell our Carbon Credit twice.

We are the only organization that specify and guarantee to eliminate your carbon footprint in under 1,3 or 5 years and explain how.

This is because after 10 years in the industry we have developed and formatted our business model, holding the key to the future in the form of Patented Intellectual Property/s by way of our Castor Trees that mature in under 18 months, reaching heights of above 6m (18 Ft) and a root system of over 15m (45 Ft).

By month 18 we can safely say that we capture and sequestrate at least 21 tons Carbon. This represents half the average carbon capture of a virgin jungle/ecosystem (42-tons Carbon Capture Per Hectare Per Year).

Together with our Castor Trees we too plant tropical trees, plus coffee and cacao trees.

Over time using the 4 Returns Scientific Approach (3 to 20-years) our Carbon Capture will increase to around 40 tons Co2 capture and sequestration per year.

By eliminating your Carbon Footprint or simply investing in the cleaning of our planet, you will directly empower all those families who go hungry each day, who do not have electricity, roads, schools, hospitals and basically all those people the world has forgotten about.

Here you can show you care, you can empower a family today, only we together can make the changes we need to better our world.

Our people do not have retirement funds or healthcare, here when you support our SD17 BLUE COIN CARBON INITIATIVE, you not only put money in our family’s hands, you allow them to also participate in the Carbon Futures Market.

We offer our families an option to be paid in Crypto, now they too can sit on their savings and they too can gain a return on investments, they too can participate in tomorrow’s future today.

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